How badly do you want it?

“Can you do it in 4 weeks?”. “Can you do it in 2 weeks?”. In tech you are always crunched for time. Crunched to deliver more quickly.

Working with my Dev teams though I know that there is a limit. Corners get cut to deliver. More risk is assumed. Perhaps quality is compromised.

The job of a great Product Manager is to realize how much you can push boundaries to get things more quickly without sacrificing too much in other areas. That’s why when management asks for more (whether delivering more, or delivering in less time, or providing more status updates), my answer is always some variant of “how badly do you want it?” (because doing more sometimes means doing it badly).

Of course, how you phrase that question should depend on who you are talking with (CEO versus peer). 😉 Sometimes I try to be funny.

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RIP Steve Jobs

He changes an industry and changed people’s lives. What a great legacy.

Lots of emotions and I am not sure why. I never loved Apple’s products. But some thoughts running through my head:

Inadequacy – By 56 he changed the world. Hell, by 30 he did. What have I done in my forty years?

Fragileness of life – he had tons of cash. But what would he have paid for one more day with family and friends?

I think if there are a few things to takeaway, they are – enjoy the day. push myself. try out new things. Thus the start of this blog. I will be trying to write something every day (as per a Seth Godin blog I just read).

So, I guess my last piece of contact with SJ is to be inspired to try to improve. It may not be his greatest accomplishment. He probably wouldn’t be proud of it. But it is important to me.

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